Pricing & Promotions Management- The SelluSeller Way

SelluSeller allows you to dynamically run promotions on all sales channels you sell on and manage everything at a single place. With SelluSeller, you can run marketplace specific promotions, schedule promotion dates, forcefully cancel promotions, edit live promotions and much more across multiple sales channels.

Subsequently, you can change prices of products in real-time after studying which product is performing better on which marketplace and maximize profits.

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Multi-marketplaces Promotions

Manage and run different types of promotions such as Percentage, Absolute, Pre-booking, Promo code and more, across multiple marketplaces.

Scheduled Promotions

Schedule upcoming promotions with start and end dates, set pre-booking discounts, forcefully cancel promotions and more.

Promotion Categories

Run dynamic promotions by setting up product-wise, category-wise and store-wise promotions on selective marketplaces.

Report Generation

Measure the success of your efforts with 10 different types of customizable reports, so that you can grow your business.


Want to know how you can boost your online selling profits?

Learn how SelluSeller provides you crucial selling insights so that you can take informed decisions and boost your sales across all channels you sell on.


Analytics & Reports Management

Promote Your Brands & Products Better


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