Anchanto helped Filipino businesses navigate challenges & scale operations online during COVID-19

Anchanto facilitated successful year-end eCommerce sales of Filipino local businesses amidst Covid-19
  • As the pandemic impacted the retail landscape, Anchanto helped Filipino businesses navigate challenges & scale operations online.
  • Anchanto’s technology enabled SMEs & enterprises alike to establish & scale multichannel eCommerce presence & grow profits.
  • Anchanto’s customers processed 3.9 million orders during 11.11 & 12.12 sale seasons regionally.

01 February 2021, Manila, Philippines - Due to the global health crisis & its massive impact on retail, a vast number of retailers worldwide shifted online. Augmented by factors like mobility restrictions, safety & convenience, eCommerce witnessed an accelerated growth like never before. With the Philippines being no exception to this trend, more Filipino consumers turned to online shopping for all types of purchases, from groceries to food, and electronics to apparels.

In this situation, Anchanto, a Singapore headquartered software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company established in the Philippines since 2018, helped local businesses embrace the evolving landscape and thrive.

On the first front, it supported a large number of local businesses to enter the eCommerce ecosystem and helped them navigate through the dynamics and complexities of this new market to find their place. Multichannel presence being crucial for a market like the Philippines, Anchanto helped businesses establish and expand quickly to multiple marketplaces. While SMEs were the first ones to jump at the opportunity, bigger traditional legacy businesses couldn’t remain distant for long and committed decisive efforts to establish an online presence. But eCommerce has its own set of challenges and requires a whole new set of technologies and detailed reviews of internal processes, LJS Group of Companies (James Tan Sy, President and CEO) shared that Recent times required us to shift to e-commerce, and an organized and efficient online retail and warehousing system became a necessity. Now that we use Anchanto, we are hands-on with the entire process. We get to troubleshoot any issues immediately. Because of this, we are able to achieve better sales. Anchanto also helped us automate our system to maximize our capacity in selling and fulfilling orders. We are now on our way to achieving our primary growth plan- To be the top online sellers in our categories.”

On the second front, Anchanto also helped players that already had a digital presence to scale faster, and reach more customers than ever. This included enabling them to improve visibility & control, distribute their inventory in real-time to maximize sales, manage product information & digital assets better, and have a better hold on operations to improve customer experience.

According to Nikhiel Genomal, Managing Director of Jockey, Philippines shared that Since the beginning of this year, we were facing challenges with synchronizing our inventory across various channels and scaling our operations during high volume seasons like 9/9. Now with the Anchanto platform, we manage a centralized inventory and process all orders on a unified dashboard.”

We also analyze sales performance across all online channels in real-time. As a result, our end-to-end e-commerce operations have streamlined, our selling performance has peaked, and we are able to provide much better service to our customers. And this is precisely why we just had highly successful “11.11” and “12.12” sale seasons, he added.

Anchanto’s customers processed over 3.9 million (2.1 million 11.11 and 1.8 million 12.12) orders during the “11.11” and “12.12” sale seasons across Southeast Asia. Such record-breaking numbers are vociferous testimonies for the success of businesses in the region aboard Anchanto platforms.

As much as customer experience is key for eCommerce businesses, it has always been an important component of Anchanto's strategy. Having built an on-ground presence in every country, the company has enabled a true relationship with its users, and built offers and solutions adapted to each country's specificities. Following its recent Series C funding (16.6M SGD), Anchanto has big ambitions, the means to succeed, and will be looking at growing along with the Filipino businesses.

Abhimanyu Kashikar, Co-founder, Chief Operations Officer & Country Head- Anchanto Philippines said, “As we aggressively move towards becoming the top customer-centric company in the eCommerce space, we want to ensure that our business partners, especially the local customers here in the Philippines establish a strong presence on multiple marketplaces and sales channels. We want to help them hit their target revenue numbers & thrive amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Being freshly fueled with investments, we will be looking to build & launch new products & offerings this year, and focus on solidifying our presence in the country. With aggressive targets ahead of us, we will continue to hire & grow as a team, in order to keep offering the best experience to all our customers.”

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