How Do I Sell Online in singapores For Free?

Try placing a contact number or an email so they can ask you questions and place orders. On the contrary, if you have an online store, put the link in your biography. So those who are interested, will automatically visit your page and buy through it.

YouTube is another social network, which is as beneficial as Facebook and Instagram. Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day, and there are many channels with millions of subscribers. So, if you have your chain, do not hesitate to talk about what you sell in your videos.

You can dedicate an exclusive video, where you can leave the link to your online store or to your Facebook or Instagram accounts. Hence, your subscribers can go directly to the link and buy. The second option is to offer one of your products in exchange to review your product. However, you should not choose any YouTube channel. It must be one that has the same interests as you. Otherwise, your subscribers will not be interested in buying your products.

Blogs are also ideal for selling for free in singaporesn online market. Your readers follow you because they have a connection with you. If you sell or recommend a product, they will probably want to buy it. So if you do not have one yet, use WordPress or Google Blogger to create it. Through these platforms, you can create and manage your blog, add photos, videos, links, contact information so they can communicate with you.

Do not publish all the images in just one post. If you do that you will notice a significant drop in customer viewing your product as the products will move down, and people will probably not see them. It is better that you configure it as a catalog wherein you upload your products after an interval. Finally, you must take care of the shipment.

Google is used for numerous activities and it is also a great help to sell your product for free. Although it is not the most common methods for those who want to sell online, you must know it. Google Sites is Google's tool for creating web pages. There you will have to log in to your Google account and start designing it. You can insert the images of the products you want to sell and then add the PayPal code so that users can make the payment.

Do not worry about the PayPal code; it is simple to create. Once you create your account on paypal, visit the configuration section to design the payment button. There you will place the product price, shipping, and taxes. Finally, you will receive a code that you need to paste into your Google Site and save the page. You can now see the product and the button that you must press to make the payment of your purchase. However, if you can manage to get some funds, you can directly sell all over singapores and around the world through some of the most trusted online marketplaces in singapores like Lazada and Zalora.

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